Southeast Ohio Officer Accused Of Assaulting Teenager


Officer Randy Secoy has ties to both the Nelsonville Police Department and the Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident started with two teenagers fighting in a Nelsonville restaurant.

Officer Secoy arrested a 15-year-old and took him to the police station, where records say he assaulted the teen. Investigators said it was also caught on camera.

James Blake said it was Wednesday night that he got a call from Nelsonville Police that his son had been arrested.

Blake said on the way home from the police station, things got even worse as his son told him the officer had assaulted him.

“My boy says he grabbed him by the throat and slammed him up against the chair, and I'm gonna have to take to believe him, because my boy usually don't exaggerate like that,” said Blake.

In a letter obtained by 10TV, Nelsonville's Chief of Police asked the Athens County Prosecutor to investigate the matter, since it involves one of his own officers.

Chief Jason Wallace wrote that another officer "reviewed the department surveillance system and found confirmation of the allegation.”

Before working for Nelsonville Police, Secoy was a deputy with the Athens County Sheriffs Office.  After joining Nelsonville, he remained on as a non-paid reserve deputy.  

Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly said when he heard about the allegations, he put Secoy on suspension. After his staff watched the video of the incident, the sheriff said Secoy was fired.

Blake is angry and frustrated.

“As a parent you feel defenseless, because you can't do nothing about it because you're just the low guy on the totem pole,” said Blake.

But Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said if the evidence bears out the allegation, Secoy will be held to account.

“Obviously these are just allegations at this point. We have to let the process take place, but this, if true, this person was entrusted by the public to do a job,” said Blackburn. “If true, it's what gives law enforcement a bad name."

Secoy is currently on unpaid leave from the Nelsonville Police Department. The case will be presented to a grand jury Monday to determine if he'll be charged.

Secoy could not be reached for comment.

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