South Columbus Residents Awake To Vandalized Vehicles


Columbus police are investigating after neighbors woke up to vandalized cars in south Columbus on Tuesday.

The alleged crimes occurred off Oak Village Drive and Oakwind Drive near Parsons Avenue. Police say at least six people discovered broken windows and valuables missing from their cars.

Chris Durrence says he took the day off work to deal with the damage.

He discovered thousands of dollars in work equipment taken from his brand new car. Despite a broken window, he says crooks did not steal his garage door opener.

"Looks like they had it at one point and probably just dropped it," Durrence said. “It’s peace of mind knowing that my house is going to be safe."

Neighbor John Adkins says crooks targeted his unlocked truck parked in his driveway. Items missing include softball gear needed for an upcoming tournament.

"Everything in my car was ransacked. My bag was gone," Adkins said. "I leave for (the world tournament) in a couple of weeks in Florida, and everything is taken."

Neighbors like Adkins and Durrence say they are counting on police to find the crooks responsible.

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