Some Shops Say Bad Weather Means Big Business


Plow trucks have been running up and down the Dublin streets constantly, but with the cold and snow, it appears most people are staying home.

There are still a few shops in town that find bad weather means big business.

“Snow, rain, anytime the weather's bad, people don't want to drive. So that always picks up our deliveries and it's always helpful,” said Bridge Street Pizza shop owner, Castro Rafeedie.

With the bad weather, Bridge Street Pizza in Dublin is banking on some extra 'dough.'

“A lot more deliveries. We didn't have as many carry-outs as we normally do,” said Rafeedie.

Owner, Castro Rafeedie says business picked up earlier than usual, when people got home, and got hungry.

Across the street from that shop, take-out customer Doug Peebles tells 10TV he is fine with the weather, but not the roads.

“They're slick. I think everybody needs to get used to how it was a few months ago and we'll be alright.  Just go slow, get used to it, and we'll be fine,” said Peebles.

We found plow trucks clearing the roads from Dublin to Powell, and beyond, and drivers were taking it slow.

“The side roads were a little messy, but the main roads weren't bad at all,” said Plain City resident Matt Cooley.

His family tells us they braved the elements, and for good reason!  They’re visiting the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo!

“It was awesome. Yeah! And the lights were really pretty and we got to see the rain deer,” said 10-year-old, Jenna Clapham.

“I just think the lights with the snow was beautiful, and the water. It was a good night to come. Not crowded,” said Plain City resident, Jaime Clapham.

“We thought that we would be the crowd because nobody would be here, and we were right. And it's a beautiful winter wonderland here,” said Cooley.