Some Pickerington Residents Protest Planned Women’s Clinic

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A proposed women’s clinic is not even open in Pickerington, but it’s already sparking controversy.

Vocal residents packed a city council meeting Tuesday night to say they did not want the clinic in their community.

The group has been holding what they called a ‘peaceful protest’ outside the proposed facility.

The doctors who are opening the office perform abortions, but told 10TV that the Pickerington clinic will not offer them.

Some in the community said they don’t want the doctors there at all.

“Their values are decidedly not Pickerington values,” said Pastor Rod Parsley, World Harvest Church.

“This is definitely going to have an effect on the city. It is definitely going to have an effect on businesses, property values. It's already started,” said one resident at Monday’s meeting.

Officials said that there’s little they can do to stop the clinic from coming to town.

“As upset as we are personally by this, there's nothing that can be legally done to prevent this business from locating here,” said council man Jeff Fix.

Officials said the clinic has not opened yet because the owners have not met certain zoning requirements.  There’s no indication on when that may happen.

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