Some College Students Say It's Too Cold for Class

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Several central Ohio colleges canceled class on Tuesday, but some students still had to battle the elements.

10TV spoke with some Columbus State students who said the frigid weather isn't only uncomfortable, it is putting their health at risk. 

Columbus State students Morgan Niles and Aidan Pencek said they are risking their health for their grades.

Niles said, "Walking outside for even just a minute or stepping outside will send us into an asthma attack."

The two said their scholarships and financial aid depend on attendance and grades, so they didn't want to skip, but some of their classmates did.

"We had eight students in my first class and my professor sent us away. He said, 'there are not enough people for me to do class today,'" Pencek said.
Columbus State Spokesman David Wayne said the decision to stay open was based on academics and safety.

School administrators delayed the start of class until 11 a.m. He said the size of the campus was also considered.

"This downtown campus is our largest campus, so unlike a four-year university, if you park in a far parking lot and walk, you can walk all the way across campus, you can get across there in about five minutes," said Wayne.

Pencek admits it only takes him about three minutes to walk to class, but he said that is enough time for an asthma attack.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, cold weather can trigger an asthma attack.  

Wayne said students with health issues should talk with their professors. 

He said, "If a student is that concerned and needed to stay home, I think they could probably get an excuse from their doctor or medical provider."

Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware also remained open Tuesday. Click here to read a statement from a university spokesperson.