Some Charges Dropped in Connection With Woman's Beating Death


The mother of 21-year-old homicide victim Brittany Jeffers, Emily Harvey, tells 10TV charges were dropped against four adults accused in connection with the riot that left Jeffers dead.

"I want them to get what they deserve for my daughter's death. I want them to get put away for a very long time," Harvey told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

Circleville Police say in March, Harvey called them after suspecting 17 year old Brandon Bolin was breaking into a neighbor's home. Police say that call eventually led to a large fight in the neighborhood.  Harvey says her daughter tried to stop it but was beaten.

"I kept saying Brittany Brittany, are you ok? And she wouldn't respond and just a few seconds later, her eyes started rolling back in her head and she went in convulsions. Then she gasped for air three times and she turned blue and that's when I knew she was gone," says Harvey.

Eight people were charged including four juveniles. Harvey says she has told the charges against the adults were dropped.

10TV made numerous attempts to reach the Pickaway County Prosecutor Wednesday night but did not receive a response.

The prosecutor told the Circleville Herald she is exploring new charges against the adults based on the autopsy report which ruled Jeffer's death a homicide.

Those who knew her still worry about getting justice.

"Brittany is not going to get a fair trial in Pickaway County," says Toney Davis a friend of Jeffers.

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