Some Bexley Residents Appealing Proposed Condominium Development

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A battle is brewing in Bexley over a proposed condominium complex.

The Gramercy development would go at the northwest corner of the intersection of East Main Street and Cassady Avenue, but some residents who live near the site are appealing the decision.

On Tuesday evening, city council will listen to their concerns and decide what's best for the community.

There is already a building at the corner of the Main and Cassady that houses a coffee shop, a salon and apartments, but the plan calls for the demolition of the current building and construction of another, larger building.

Kathryn Fulton said she did not know she may be getting a new neighbor.

“I live less than 150 feet from the building and I was not notified at all,” Fulton said.

Fulton and several of her neighbors, who live along or near Sherwood Road, are appealing the planning commission's decision to give the green light to new development at the Main and Cassady intersection. 

Last month, Mark Ford & Associates filed an application for the Gramercy development.

The application calls for the demolition of the current building and construction of a four-story structure, with underground parking, first-floor retail and condominiums on the second through fourth floors.

Pauline Swinford lives near the proposed development, “I think it is wrong; I think they rushed to do it.”

Swinford is among the dozens who signed the appeal to be presented to city council Tuesday evening. 

She said the development violates city guidelines, “We know they violated the guidelines for parking and they violated the height requirement, and they did not ask for a variance.”

While the proposed building would be taller than the current building, the attorney for the developer said it is in full compliance.

The neighbors said they still have concerns, not only about the development, but also about the process.

“Whether this goes up or not, we want to make some changes so people know what is going to go up in their backyards,” Fulton said

Bexley City Council is expected to discuss the appeal Tuesday evening, but the attorney for the developer said he doesn’t believe the council has the ability to revoke the commission’s unanimous vote to approve the development.