Solid Waste Authority Announces Shift Away From Landfills


An announcement from the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio on Tuesday will mean even more discarded products will be able to be recycled.

SWACO announced a partnership with Team Gemini, a sustainable project design and development company headquartered in Orlando, Fla.

“In real simple terms, your waste is now a commodity,” said Jodi Andes, a spokeswoman for SWACO.

Two facilities will be built off of state Route 665 and Interstate 71, near the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill. One will be a recycling receiving facility, consisting of a receiving plant and a material recovery facility; and the other will be a green industrial park.

As part of the contract, Gemini will build the receiving plant on 22 acres of SWACO land next to the landfill. The receiving plant will be owned and operated by SWACO.

The material recovery facility, which will be owned and operated by Gemini, will recycle a minimum of 1,000 tons of waste each day that would otherwise head into the landfill. Gemini will pay SWACO $4.81 per net ton for the

usable material, according to the contract.

The green industrial park, called Synergy City, will be built on 343 acres of SWACO land, located north of the landfill.

The industrial park is expected to be built in phases and will include 35 acres of automated greenhouses, a digester and/or manufacturing facilities powered by green energy that is derived from the waste.

"We actually won’t be doing anything directly, it’s Team Gemini that will do all the work,” Andes said. “They will build a receiving facility and a sorting facility with greenhouses, where they will take the waste and turn it into energy.”

SWACO and Gemini plan to break ground this summer, with construction to be fully completed in 2016.

Gemini officials said that they plan to hire 500 people for construction and 300 people for permanent jobs.

The contract will not affect curbside recycling programs in central Ohio, according to SWACO.

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