Soldier’s Gifts Found In Dumpster Finally Get Their Send-Off


The 33 gift-wrapped boxes meant for troops and discovered in a dumpster have been on quite the journey.

They started at Liberty Christian Academy in Pataskala, in the hands of 2nd graders who spent time putting the gifts together.

They were mysteriously discovered in a Hilliard dumpster on Wednesday evening, and recovered by Lisa Marksberry and her family.

“We took what was left of our candy canes and taped them to the tops that we could and new bows,” said Marksberry.

Marksberry said that for two days the presents sat on her couch and table, and she looked at them and cried.

“How can anyone do it?” she asked.

Now the gifts will be going to the place they were intended, into the hands of men and women serving our country.

“That little written note, a smaller person, who maybe doesn't have the best handwriting, it sure does bring a lot of warmth to the package you receive, a lot of meaning to it,” said Captain Matt Molinski, Ohio National Guard.

Christmas has come and gone, but the spirit of giving is still alive in the group.

“I mean, there's home-baked cookies in there and everything,” said Marksberry.

Even Liberty Christian Academy's Administrator showed up with more gifts in hand.

She brought Marksberry a stack of 'thank you notes' from the kids for all she and her family have done.

“It's nice to know there are still people who love and care and have huge hearts and, it's nice to be a part of a happy ending to what could have been a difficult situation, said Lavonne McIlrath, Liberty Christian Academy Administrator.

Santa's make-shift sleigh is now a black SUV filled with dozens of beautifully wrapped boxes that will soon be opened abroad.

“It feels good. There's closure, and the right people are going to get this. I mean, they deserve this. These are our men and women. They signed up for this, this is the least I could do,” added Marksberry.

The administrator said the school is still looking into how the presents ended up in the dumpster.

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