Social Media 101: Twitter

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One of the most powerful social networking tools available is Twitter. You can reach thousands of people instantly, as long as you use 140 characters or less.

All you need is internet access and texting capability to open an account with Twitter. (

Since Twitter says 75 percent of its users Tweet out on a mobile device, we'll tell you how to use it on a cell phone.

To send out a Tweet, just go to the bottom of your page where it says "What's happening?" If you're in "landscape" mode, look for the quill in the upper right corner. Tap on it and type in what you want to say.”

Tap on TWEET and you’re done. It'll show up in your Twitter feed and the feed of everyone who's following you.

When you choose to “follow” someone on Twitter, you're subscribing to their Tweets. Their updates will appear on your home tab.

“Followers” are people who receive your Tweets.If someone follows you, they'll see your Tweets on their home tab whenever they log in to Twitter.

Public Tweets - the default setting - are visible to anyone, even if they don't have a Twitter account.

To have control over who sees your Tweets, you should make them "protected Tweets." They're only visible to followers you approve. Go to settings and make your choice.

You can also send photos to Twitter, through their app or by clicking on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

Here's something to keep in mind.

The library of Congress in Washington is archiving all of the 400 million Tweets sent by Americans each day. Library officials see those mini-messages are a part of national culture.