Social Media 101: Instagram



Instagram is a social media that allows you to interact with your friends in picture posts.

It is an app that is highly used by young people, especially teens.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it focuses on the ease of capturing a moment on your mobile phone, transforming the image and telling the story of your life.
Instagram takes your ordinary mobile phone photos and with a few tweaks, makes them extraordinary.

Creators say Instagram has stepped up its process, combining the instant nature of a snapshot with the instant messaging of a telegram. Instagram takes your mobile phone photos to a new level.

Once you take a picture or video, you can select a filter for it. The filter alters the color and can give the picture everything from a modern to an antique look.

When you post to Instagram, you also have the option of sharing on Foursquare to let your followers know where you are.

In terms of privacy, you should know Instagram uses a model that means if you're "public" - anyone can subscribe to follow your photos.

There is a special private option. It allows users to grant approval to all follow requests before they go through. You’ll find it under the settings options.
Instagram photos can be shared on other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

All of your Instagram pictures are saved to your camera roll which means you can sync with your desktop and print them.