Snowy Sunday Doesn't Stop Some Bucyrus Residents

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In the city of Bucyrus, where nearly 2 inches of snow coated the roads, it wasn't enough to keep members of Wayside Chapel from doing what they do every Sunday, go to church.

Dwight Rothhaar says he is tired of this winter.  "I'm 78 it's the worst one we've ever had in my lifetime that I can remember where we've had this long a period of snow.”

Crawford County is under a Level 1 snow emergency, meaning roads are hazardous to drive on.

It was warning that wasn't going to stop Johanna Rothhaar from her prayers.  “It doesn't stop us here. No it doesn't," said his wife Johanna.

County plows were out in force, clearing as many roads as they could.  Even two inches of snow will keep drivers busy all day.

“We're pretty much sick and tired of but it's our job, said plow driver Craig Stahl.  Even if winter continues well into March, Crawford County says it's prepared. Its bins are full of a salt and grit.

“It melts it too and the grit helps with traction", says Stahl.

While a March snow storm isn't unusual, many hope spring is just around the corner.

Instead of shoveling snow, many hope they can start using their shovels to plant flowers, should spring decide to arrive.

Despite the slick road, Crawford County reported no injury accidents.