Snowy Owls Inspire Photographers Around Central Ohio

Mike Hoster
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For the last two weeks, Ann McFarlan has been visiting the same spots near Buckeye Lake.

“When you look in the tree-area, it's like looking for a large white plastic bag,” said Ann McFarlan, who took 10TV along as she searched for the snowy owl.

“I didn't think I'd see a white snowy owl in my lifetime. It's just unbelievable to see something like that,” McFarlan added.

She didn't believe it, until she spotted the owl right in her backyard.

“Your heart starts racing, and you don't know whether to grab your camera or your binoculars and look,” she explained.

The camera won, and McFarlan snapped dozens of photos of the yellow eyed, large white creature. The snowy owl typically makes its home in the Arctic Tundra and northern Canada but has made its way south.

“All of the pictures - her eyes were half closed because she was just a sleepy bird. She was beautiful,” McFarlan described.

People tell 10TV the owl is so spectacular they've endured the cold, spending hours outside just to get a glimpse.

In Ross County, 11-year-old Corrine Woods, who’s become a birder in the last year, saw the owl on an electrical pole on Kingston-Adelphi Road, just north of Kingston.

In Washington Court House, Zayne Watson has been going to visit the bird, who he says made a home at the Home Depot and Walmart.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said the sightings are so rare, we may only see these owls in our area once every 70 years.

That’s why Ann McFarlan said she keeps going out into the cold, “Because it's something we'll never see in our lifetime probably unless you go to Canada.”