Snow, Ice Still Cover Some Streets Across Columbus


William Burris of southwest Columbus can only dream that his sidewalk will someday look like Olsen Place street in front of his his home.

"Ignored neglected there's not much activity on this street", he says.

His neighbors who live off Gratz Ridge Road say their street is snowed under making it hard to drive, and they blame the city for not sending a plow here.

"It's kind of pain in the butt in the morning you have to add another 10 minutes just to go 100 yards,” said Eric Irvin.

They're convinced a city plow hasn't touched their street in days. The city says plows have been here.

"I'd like to know when that was? You can see it hasn't been plowed in a while,” said Burris.  

The city says its GPS system shows a plow hit this Gratz Ridge Road at 5 a.m. yesterday.

"How would I grade the way it’s plowed? This road - an ‘F,’” says 19-year old Brittany Pennington.

The city says the lumps of snow are the result of the snow warmed by the sun.

As the snow warms and cars drive over it...that's the result. The city says don't blame the plow.

"I've never seen them my wife's home every day and she's not seen them,” says Danny Meeks.

After 10TV questioned the city about its plowing of this neighborhood Monday afternoon, a plow was back in the neighborhood working to plow snow down to the blacktop.

It was a welcome sign for a neighborhood that's seeing red, thank to piles of white snow.

The city says it’s taking longer to get roads down to bare pavement because of the lack of salt.

It has just under 10,000 tons left, so it's using salt sand to stretch its supply.