Snow Causes Delays And Morning Commute Concerns in Southern Ohio


Crews in Pickaway County pulled 12 hour shifts as mother nature delivered a one two punch.

Before the sun set, the highway department had a good handle on county roads and were clearing the parking lot in anticipation of round two.

"It's still pretty slick when you plow it off and you're exposing that thin layer of ice, it gets very slick," Pickaway Highway Superintendent Steve Smith said of the conditions.

As night fell further south, conditions rapidly deteriorated.

In Ross County, drivers were caught off guard and were spotted fishtailing or having trouble getting traction.

South Chillicothe was hit hard with blustery winds and blowing snow made for longer commutes.

"It wasn't so bad when I left Columbus but I'm headed for West Virginia and it's getting pretty rough out here," said Joe Tripett, who decided to brave the conditions and make the drive home.

Miranda Vearil was also in for a long trip home to Adams County.

"It's going to take longer for us to get to Peebles, maybe an hour an hour and a half," Vearil said.

As conditions worsened, crews kept busy at the Ross County salt barn, preparing mounds of salt for overnight pickup.

Another long night for employees across south Central Ohio, and although it's nothing they're not used to, Smith admits it's getting tiresome.

"I'm real ready, real ready very ready for Spring, it can start tomorrow," he laughed.