Skywatch: Look for leftover meteors

Skywatch: Look for leftover meteors

The week will start out with the tail end of the Perseid meteor shower peak. Traditionally one of the better meteor showers of the year this year’s peak coincides with a bright moon.

As a result the moon’s glare will hamper viewing opportunities. Under a dark sky 50 meteors per hour isn’t out of the question. This year only the brightest will be visible, though.

The radiant of the shower is near the constellation of Perseus, which is what gives the shower its name. The radiant is highest (which means the odds of seeing a meteor is greatest) before dawn, sadly the waning gibbous moon will still be out at that time.

Still, if you’re far enough from the city look up in the northern sky and you may see a fireball – or particularly bright meteor – streaking across the sky.

As mentioned before the moon is waning this week, which means it’ll be getting darker as we march towards the weekend. The moon will reach last quarter phase Monday at 9:15 P.M. Look for the half moon late Monday night.

Venus will be visible in the eastern sky in the mornings this week as well. The planet will be very bright and low in the horizon if you look in the east about an hour before sunrise.

On Saturday morning the waning crescent moon will line up with our planetary neighbor. The two will be easy to find so enjoy the show. Happy hunting!