Six-Year-Old Pricked By Used Needle Left in Park


A Central Ohio mother is warning all parents to be on alert after her daughter was pricked by a needle in a park.

"It was pretty scary," says Joey Knight, the mother of the victim.

Glass, sticks and other sharp objects litter the place where Knight says her six year old daughter Ally was injured on Tuesday.

Knight says the two stopped near mound of rocks at Strawser Park in Chillicothe and began throwing some of them into the river. Knight says Ally noticed a colorful object on the ground.

"She thought it was an ink pen and it stuck her in the hand and I heard her say ouch."

Knight initially thought it was a sharp rock. However, when she looked at her daughter's hand she says she noticed it was a needle

"It just punctuated through the skin. It was bleeding," Knight told 10TV's Jason Frazer.   

Knight immediately rushed her daughter to the emergency room at Adena Regional Medical Center.

"She had to be tested for hepatitis A, B and C and HIV," says Knight.

Fortunately, Ally's test results came back negative.

"I'm concerned for her and the next 6 months of tests she needs to go through. I hope they all come back negative," Knight says.

Knight plans to file a police report.

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