‘Single Pot’ Meth Labs Pose Serious Dangers

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Authorities on Wednesday were warning residents of a new trend in meth-making.

Drug investigators said that they were seeing a surge in one-pot meth labs in Newark, 10TV’s Jessa Goddard reported.

According to investigators, the one-pot method is smaller, cheaper and easier to move, which makes it more dangerous.

The one pot or shake and bake methods typically look like plastic drinking bottles with tubing coming from them, according to Lt. Paul Cortwright of the Central Ohio Drug Taskforce said.
Investigators said that damage to a home on Wellington Avenue in Newark on Feb. 25 was caused by the one-pot method of producing meth.

“What we’re seeing with these one pots is the chance of fire and explosion in vessels being under pressure is a lot higher,” Cortright said.

Detectives said that the one-pot method has all but replaced large-scale meth-making operations in central Ohio, because pseudoephedrine, one of the main ingredients to make meth, has been regulated and is difficult to obtain in large quantities, Goddard reported.

“You could drive around in your car, you could walk down the street with it in your backpack, and you could be actually producing something,” Cortwright said.

Task force detectives said that they would rather investigate soda bottles than have someone injured by a one-pot lab, Goddard reported.

Police said that the size of a meth lab is not a factor when filing charges. Both are second-degree felonies.

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