Short North Business Owner Feels Violated By Thieves Trying To ‘Pull One Over’

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On this Black Friday, when people were pouring into Short North stores, one store owner said that she was keeping a close eye out because of someone else’s action.

“I always think the best of people, that you know, they come into a small business, they’re not going to keep trying to pull one over, but I’m constantly surprised over and over that it keeps happening,” said Roth, owner of the Rowe boutique on North High Street.

On Wednesday, when she and one of her employees were working at the store, someone came in and stole her employee’s wallet containing a company credit card.

Surveillance cameras caught, what Roth believes, were the thieves in action.

“They’re just walking around the store,” Roth said. “They went right over to the sale section.”

Roth said she only learned about the wallet theft when American Express officials called questioning a $2,000 purchase at Target. She and her employee then found the wallet missing.

“It had her ID, her checks, all that stuff is not expensive to replace, but it’s personal information to worry about,” Roth said.

Roth said she felt violated by the theft.

“It’s scary for me to think her personal information is now in someone else’s hands, and it’s something that I want to make sure we prevent in the future,” Roth said.

The store owner said that the theft – and securing personal information – is something for all businesses to keep in mind.

Roth said that she immediately canceled the credit card but everything else inside of the wallet, including the ID, cash and checkbook, were still missing.

Police have not immediately made any arrests in connection with the theft.

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