Short North Business Finds Creative Way To Stop Shoplifters

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COLUMBUS, Ohio - A Short North business used its own creativity to get back $750 worth of stolen merchandise.

Rowe Boutique employee Claire Lowe said two customers walked in, like normal.

"They were super friendly, super personable," Lowe said. "One girl was trying some stuff on. The other girl was looking at jewelry."

The store's surveillance cameras captured a different image.

"And she was walking around the store with the merchandise and she went into the room with it," store owner Maren Roth said.

"I went into the fitting room and found two hangers that they had stuffed behind one of the benches in the fitting room," Lowe said.

Right before the young women left and Lowe realized the clothes were missing, she said she even asked one of them if she'd like to be a model.

"I got her information, e-mail, phone number, her name," Lowe said.

Before the incident at Rowe Boutique, the same type of incident occurred at The Emperor's Newest Clothes. That store owner called the Short North Ambassadors, who quickly alerted a number of shops along North High Street where the women were seen.

Since Lowe had all their information, she and Roth took to social media and contacted them.

Hours later, they received an apology note and the returned merchandise.

"Our community is very strong, and close knit, and we work together and it's important people know that," Roth said.

Despite the women returning the clothes to both stores, the boutique owners tell 10TV they filed police reports and one, if not both, intend to press charges.