Short North Burglaries Thwarted By Neighbor’s Quick Action


From the second story of his Short North home, Johnny Hall said he took he took notice to someone suspicious, while he was working.

“This shady-looking character starts walking toward my house,” said Hall.

He expected a knock at his door, but instead he heard the next door neighbor’s dog start barking. Hall said the strange sounds prompted him to take action.

“I went downstairs to see what was going on,” said Hall. “(I) turned around and that's when I saw him at the back door right there.”

Hall said he saw the burglar break-in through the back door of the house and called police.

Hall’s neighbor, Tim Wolf, arrived home to find police officers outside.

He can now show the broken glass where the burglar broke in and grabbed what he could.

“He took… the Playstation3, and came in this drawer and took some controllers and games, and then my laptop was conveniently sitting right there, so he grabbed that,” said Wolf.

Police quickly arrested the alleged burglar, 32-year-old Robert Mills.

Hall said it was not easy.

“The officer gave chase and tackled him into an SUV which now has a big dent in the side of it,” said Hall. “It sucks having not only your stuff stolen, but having a stranger in your house. It's just an odd feeling.”

Now these two neighbors are no longer strangers, they are bonded for life.

“I was able to shake his hand cause he was giving his report when I got home, but I think I owe him some beer,” said Wolf.

Wolf says other burglary victims also got their belongings back after Mills was arrested and a suitcase full of stolen goods was recovered.

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