Sheriff’s Deputy Involved In Botched Drug Raid Back On The Street


The family of a Central Ohio woman who was accidentally killed by a sheriff's deputy says they just want answers. Krystal Barrows would have turned 36 years old this month.

She died last December during a drug raid in Ross County.

The deputy who fired the shot that killed her had been placed on leave; 10TV has learned the deputy is back on the street.

Sheriff's Sergeant Brett McKnight accidentally fired his weapon during the raid.

The lot where the trailer home once stood is now just a pile of dirt and cinder blocks.

Neighbors say it was removed recently because of the painful memories it held. "That's something you never forget something like that that's the first time I've ever been close to somebody getting killed," said witness Clyde Hall.

He lives next door and recalls the cold December day when members of the Ross County Sheriff's US 23 Drug Task Force surrounded the trailer during a heroin raid. Hall says when deputies detonated a flash bomb before entering, something went wrong."

When the bomb went off, the gun went off and hit that girl shot her in the head," he said.

Barrows, who investigators say was not a suspect in the case, was killed. Sgt. McKnight was immediately placed on leave and is now back on duty.

The investigation has been ongoing for five months and is now being handled by the Attorney General's Office.

Barrow's younger brother told us off camera that they're tired of waiting, they want answers and justice.

The case file will not be public record until the case is closed.