Sheriff Warns Against Shooting Weapons To Celebrate Holiday

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The Sheriff is concerned about the dangers of guns shot to celebrate the holiday.

It's against the law.

On Independence Day, the stars and stripes fly for everyone to see. But as day fades to night, it's the bullets that fly.

Sherry Koch says on the Fourth of July her Franklinton neighborhood crackles with gunfire. She hasn’t seen any shot in the air this year but has in the past.

Jasmine Coleman Sammur was hit by a bullet five years ago during Red, White and BOOM!

It happened as she stood in the crowd. She made headlines because authorities believe the bullet came from someone shooting in the air to celebrate.

“I was standing there and out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I kept rubbing and I looked down and saw a whole bunch of blood,” said Sammur.

Doctors removed a large caliber bullet from Jasmine's breast. She says she does not go to Red, White and BOOM! anymore.

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott says the same thing has happened to other Central Ohio residents.

“It's not uncommon and unfortunately--occasionally--someone takes a round from one of these bullets,” said Scott.

Not only does it create a hazardous situation, but it creates a criminal situation because you can be charged if we can trace that specific bullet to a location and a gun.

“I don't even think of it as a holiday anymore,” says Jasmine.

The criminal who shoot Jasmine never got caught and leaves her with the same question she's always had for the shooter.

“I just want to know why you would do something like that - so careless, so reckless.”

The sheriff says the number of reports of illegal gunfire on the Fourth is not consistent. Some years his office gets several complaints, while other years, it doesn't get any.