Sheriff: Krokodil in Athens County Possibly Came From Columbus


Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly is offering unusual advice to drug addicts after he says there's a confirmed case of the drug Krokodil in his county.

Krokodil is a drug originally from Russia that turns a user's skin into scaly, scabbed-over flesh and can lead to death.

Krokodil is difficult to test for but Kelley said, after what was found Thursday, he's confident it's here.

"The deputy said the injection point right in the vein, at that point, becomes pussed over, and then it starts to become scaley, and then from that point starts moving out," said Kelly.  "From my understanding, in this situation, it was coming upward, and, we say scaley, because it looks like a crocodile."

According to Kelly, a heroin user told detectives that her dealer brought Krokodil in from Columbus.  That drug user thought it was heroin.

The drug user's neighbor, Charles Smith, said he's never heard of the drug before now.

"Just makes me worried a younger generation kids around here going to start doing it, you know what I mean, and a lot of them just losing their life," said Smith.

That has Sheriff Kelly delivering an usual message to drug addicts.

"I'm hoping they won't use heroin it all, but I'm not that naïve," said Kelly.  "I know that they're going to so, to say, 'get your heroin from a trusted source,' sounds ridiculous coming from a Sheriff.  But I'm saying go to a source, if you're going to have to get your fix, you don't want to get ahold of krokodil."

The sheriff says drug users who have Krokodil will not be charged if they turn the drug in to authorities.

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