Sex Offender Has Yet To Move From Home Near Children's Center


Starting Point Learning Center is a daycare on the south side with a neighbor who has no business living nearby.

The law says convicted sex offender Donald Dingess can't live within 1,000 feet of daycares or schools - but he has been.

10 Investigates found that he's still registered at a nearby home on Wilson Avenue, 11 days after he said that he would move.

Our investigation revealed numerous sex offenders unlawfully living near daycares and schools. 

Investigative Reporter Paul Aker confronted Dingess because a year-and-a-half ago, a court already ordered Dingess to move. 

Dingess told Aker that he did not know about the court order but would be relocating. 

"I am moving, " Dingess said. 

On Thursday, 10 Investigates found that he's still registered at the same home on Wilson Avenue. His truck is still parked in front of his home.  

Dingess did not answer the door for reporters on Thursday. 

Nobody from Starting Point Learning Center would go on camera.

But a parent who takes his son to a recreation center nearby had plenty to say. 

"He should be removed," Charles McCall said. "You know, there are too many kids around here, and he should be removed."

McCall said he wants Dingess out immediately.

"Because he can take pictures from outside, you know from anywhere he could be taking pictures of these kids," McCall said.

10 Investigates was unable to reach the Franklin County Prosecutor for comment today.