Series Of Arsons Target Northwest Columbus Neighborhood

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The search is on for whoever targeted and torched cars in a northwest Columbus neighborhood.   It all happened in a one mile radius between Sawmill Road and Riverside Drive.  

For Scott and Amy Svancara, their car is now a total loss and an empty shell.  Another vehicle was damaged and a house melted by the flames after someone set fire to their vehicle on Saybrook Court in the early morning hours on Thursday.

The couple says they were terrified after the flames broke out.  “(We) didn’t know what was going on.  Didn’t know what was on fire.”

It wasn't until Scott Svancara got outside that he realized his vehicle was burning.  He attempted to put it out with this fire extinguisher, but the heat and flames were just too much.

“I thought I had it for a second, but then (I decided to) stand back and wait for the fire department to show up,” Scott recalls.

Within a two hour period, seven vehicles were torched - all within a one mile radius of each other.

The next stop was on Aleshire Drive for Columbus firefighters as report after report came in of cars on fire.   Police seemed to be one step behind an arsonist who went on a crime spree from one block to the next.  

“I don't see what someone can get out of that.   They obviously enjoy it, and just I hope they get caught real quick,” says Scott.  The total damaged for the Svancara's is expected run into the thousands of dollars.

In the end, seven locations were targeted, 10 vehicles and two homes were damaged. 

Police have no suspects thus far.