Senior Tells Of Terrifying Moments When A Driver Hit Him And Fled

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A couple counts their blessings after a close call with a hit and run driver. The driver hit 73-year-old Ed Behanna as he checked the mail outside his Ross County home Tuesday afternoon.

"We just enjoy life together and how quickly it could have ended," said Ed Behanna.

Behanna thought his daily trip on his four-wheeler to the mailbox may have been his last. A car drove by and struck him from behind.

"I felt it and then just a second, a split second, it was like it was brushing me, and then the next thing I knew I was flying backwards and then when I hit the back of my head and I knew that I was in serious trouble," said Behanna.

Soon after the crash in the 1400 block of True Hollow Road, Ed's wife, Carlene, dialed 911.  "A car just hit my husband and kept on going," she told the dispatcher.

Behanna says the driver of the car never stopped, so by the time troopers arrived, they say they had very little to go by in search of the vehicle.

"Maybe it was a wakeup call for some more appreciation of what life we've got left," said Carlene Behanna.

"I was scared. I thought maybe this was it for me because there was so much blood and I hurt so badly," said Ed Behanna.

The 73-year-old says injuries including stitches on his head, bruised ribs, and a gash on his toe, aren't holding him back.

He says the strong bond between he and his wife will help him heal.  

"We're truly in love. She'd miss me. I'd miss her. Then she'd have to go down and get the mail all by herself," chuckled Ed Behanna.

This couple says they are grateful to have each other and their family. They hope that, by sharing their story, someone will identify the driver who hit Ed and report it to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.