Senators From Ohio Vow To Work Together To Land National Political Conventions


It’s a 4th of July sign of unity as both of Ohio’s U.S. Senators – one a Democrat and one a Republican - work together to help land both national political conventions.

"We stand together ready to offer our full support in bringing the Republican Convention to Cleveland and the Democratic Convention to either Cleveland or Columbus," said Brown and Portman in a statement. "For us, it's not about being a Democrat or Republican - it's about showcasing the vibrancy of Ohio's cities and bringing further economic development to our state."

Brown and Portman say 2016 could be historic for Ohio if the state lands one, or both, national political conventions.

Columbus officials estimate that a national political convention could generate $160 million in revenue for central Ohio.

Cleveland is still being considered by both Republican and Democrats to host their conventions. Columbus lost out on the GOP bid but is still actively pursuing Democrats.

Ohio has not hosted a national political convention since 1936, even though the state remains a pivotal swing state in presidential elections.