Senator Calls For Action Following 10TV Investigation Into Refrigerated Trucks

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Senator Sherrod Brown is demanding that a federal agency provide detailed reports of refrigerated truck inspections.

The request follows a 10 Investigates report in which 10TV documented some refrigerated food trucks full of rotting food on their way to Ohio restaurants.

The food was discovered only through a random traffic stop and was destroyed before it got to its destination.

The investigation found that no state agency in Ohio has the authority to proactively monitor refrigerated food transportation trucks in Ohio.

"I mean I know that what BNS was able in its report…to find out is that these aren't always as safe as they should be. It's an ongoing battle. I mean we've been pretty successful as a country to guarantee the safety of our food supply. It's more challenging with these refrigerated trucks that sometimes aren't regulated,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown.

In a letter, the senator asks the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to make sure that proper inspections are being conducted.

He also wants federal and state agencies to have whatever information they need to help protect refrigerated food during shipments.