Security Measures Beefed Up For Cap City Half Marathon

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The Capital City Half-Marathon launched without a hitch Saturday morning. Security sweeps were conducted overnight around the 13.1 mile route.

Security measures included covered garbage cans marked "temporarily out of service," to bomb sniffing dogs on patrol, to a noticeable increased police presence.

Catherine Reinoehl and her daughter Bella came out to cheer on Bella's dad who was running the race.

"We saw a lot of helicopters and a little more presence of people walking around," said Reinoehl. Race organizers tell 10TV that they met the day after the bombings at the Boston Marathon to discuss a plan for increased security.

All bags were issued name tags, screened by K9 units and some even searched.

"They really wanted to make sure that this was a secure event and people felt comfortable and confident that when they left to do their race, their bag was going to be safe," said Kristen Gillenwater, a gear check captain with the event.

For runner Katie Kinkopf, it was a welcome security measure.

"I think it's really good just to show that America is strong and we trust that security will be what it needs to be and just here to really run a good race," she said.