Security Keeps Pride Festival Attendees Safe Following Attacks


Security for the Columbus Pride Festival became a big issue this year after three men recently said they were attacked for being gay.

Officers patrolled parks, streets and alleys by bike.

People in attendance told 10TV that even though they were having fun, they were a bit more cautious, and were glad to see extra police on patrol.

“This is the one festival where we're really welcomed down here, they're excited to see us down here,” Sergeant Patrick Shaffer with the Columbus Police Department said.

“I think the community down here was really concerned this was going to become a pattern, that Columbus was going to become known for this, that this was going to continue to happen. We want to come down here and do all that we can do to make sure it doesn't happen," Shaffer said.

“Their presence is noticeable, especially since the hate crimes happened a couple of weeks ago.  It's been helpful and all the Columbus police have been super nice down here,” attendee Nathaniel White said.
Over the past few days with hundreds of thousands of people coming downtown for Pride Festival, officers said for the most part, it's been fairly calm and worry-free.

And they want it to stay that way.