Security Camera Video Shows Winds Whipping Through Ohio Campground


A damaging storm hit a Fayette County campground hard on Sunday afternoon.

Campers at Walnut Lake Campgrounds are cleaning up after the damaging winds caused trees to fall and campers to be picked up and thrown.

Camper Tracie Kimsey says she was taking cover when the strong winds threatened to blow her away.

“My feet were hanging in the air,” Kimsey says.

Security cameras captured the sudden storm as it whipped trees and poured down hail and rain.

Campground owner Stacy Everhart says there was one point she thought the roof would come off of her building.

“We were inside the building and it was almost like the building was breathing,” Everhart says. “You could hear it.”

Doppler 10 Meteorologist Eric Elwell says the winds during the storm reached 75 MPH.