Second Snow Adding Frustration To Beleaguered Residents, Snowy Side Streets

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Friday's snow added insult to injury for a number of people whose streets, cars, and homes are still buried beneath the snow.

While the main roads are clear, it's some of the side roads leading to houses that are still a nightmare, especially intersections where deep snow leads to big problems and many close calls.

Galloway neighbors Mick Mantle and David Brenneman tell 10TV they have had enough.

"It's a traction thing. It's a serious hazard," said Brenneman.

It's been nearly two weeks since the big snow and, with a few more inches added to their streets from Friday's storm, they say they are sick of getting stuck outside their own homes.

"One way or another I'll get kicked to the left or kicked to the right and I almost hit another car trying to leave because of the ruts in the road refreeze," said Brenneman.

"I've got a mom who's 81, on oxygen. If I have to call the emergency squad or fire department cause somebody has a fire or police if we need the police, I'm half afraid they won't be able to get back here. If they do, they'll get stuck. [Saturday] our mail carrier got stuck trying to deliver mail," said Mantle.

They say they so desperately want to hear the sweet sounds of a city plow truck on Morton Court. Instead, all they're hearing is spinning tires.

About six miles north, on Portside Drive, there is a similar snowy situation.

"People are getting stuck all the time," said Columbus resident Cathy Dikaiou.

Much like her neighbors to the south, Dikaiou says she reached out to the city's 311 service and still hasn't seen a truck go by.

"Some people are even having to shovel themselves out," said Dikaiou.

While other streets around her are plowed, she says she is frustrated hers is still filled with crunchy snow.

"It's just like landing in the snow and swimming around a little bit before I can go anywhere," said Dikaiou.

10TV reached out to the city of Columbus about the snow-covered roads.

On Saturday, the assistant director for the Department of Public Utilities said there are 44 Columbus trucks out plowing and treating roads.

As for those two roads specifically, he said they won't have any answers until the beginning of next week.

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