Second Inspection At Women’s Reformatory Still Finds Critical Health Violations


A July 8 inspection at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville turned up critical health violations, according to a report obtained by 10TV.

The inspection was a follow-up after maggots were found earlier on the food lines. No maggots were observed in this report.

But inspectors say they observed insects, residents and other pests. 

The report cites “gnats throughout the operation, although better than last week, still seeing them in Spice Room, by ovens, Line 1 & 2, Line 3 & 4, dish room and food prep areas.”

The inspector also found ants on a pancake that was on the floor of a hot hold cabinet.

Several prisons in Ohio and Michigan serviced by the Aramark company have had reported maggot problems. Earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Corrections will send inspectors to every state prison to look into the maggot issues.