Search For Suspects Possibly Linked To Series Of Robberies

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Columbus police are searching for a group of masked serial robbers who held up two more Columbus businesses early Thursday.

Police say this time, a store clerk was hurt by a flying bullet.

Police say the UDF on Noe Bixby Road is the most recent target of a gang of armed robbers disguised in dime store masks.

Employees told 10TV that the crime was caught on camera.  

Police hope the evidence will help them close in on the robbers, who have now struck seven times in one week.  

Detectives believe the crime spree began earlier this week, when four masked robbers armed with guns held up a carryout on Freebis Avenue.  There's no clear crime pattern...but detectives say the robber's method of operation is always the same.  

Police say Sami's Market on Cassady Avenue was also held up on Thursday.  The owner didn't want to talk on camera, but told 10-TV the robbers seemed young, nervous, and held a gun to his head.

Just down the street, the owner of the Cassady Market told 10TV on Monday he believed it was only a matter of time before the robbers would strike again.

“Actually, I'm very frustrated, worried about them coming back actually.  They got some good amount of cash,” the owner said.

The carryout owner’s concerns were validated Wednesday night, when police say the robbers took the crime spree to a whole other level at a carryout in the 1200 block of Mount Vernon Avenue.  

Investigators say a shot was fired and a clerk was grazed in the head.

Police say the clerk is expected to be OK, but investigators hope they can identify the robbers and put them behind bars before someone is seriously hurt or killed.  

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