Search For Suspects Continues After Mother Of 6 Shot To Death In East Columbus


The family of a murder victim in east Columbus is fearful a street code of silence could make the case difficult to solve.

Michelle Ferrell’s family says they have no idea how long she was lying bleeding on the sidewalk before a pizza delivery driver stopped and called 911.

“It's a lady knocked out on the floor, here on the snow. She's not moving or nothing.  I was just taking a delivery down the street and seen her knocked out,” the driver told 911 operators.

The call for help came at 9:22 p.m. in the 700 block of Linwood Avenue.  Police say Ferrell was shot, but family members don't understand why.

“Whatever she was doing, it wasn't worth them killing her over.  Whatever she was doing, it ain't worth taking her life - so I hope they catch them,” said Charles Brown, the cousin of the victim.

In the light of day, a few scraps of crime scene tape are the only evidence of the murder.  Family members say because the shooting happened so early in the evening, they believe someone must have seen or heard something, but doesn't want to speak out for fear of retaliation.

“You're telling on my boy.  So there you go.  So guess what?  So unless by the grace of God somebody speak up anonymously, somebody might just get away with this,” said William Brown, the victim’s uncle.

Police are following every lead to make sure the killer is put behind bars, but Ferrell's family says they're certain justice will be served - one way or another.

“The ones who did this, fess up to what you did. Cause guess what? You might escape the justice of man, but not the justice of God,” added William Brown.

Monday morning, family members were still trying to reach out to Ferrell's older children to make sure they know their mother is gone.