Search for Missing Central Ohio Man to Focus on Water

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Local and state law enforcement are about to descend on hundreds of bodies of water in central Ohio, it’s all part of a renewed effort to find Tony Luzio, who has been missing since July, 2005.

Tony Luzio’s parents told 10TV they know nothing more today than they did the day their son disappeared. They’re hoping a new search focusing on a three-mile radius from the intersection of Rutherford Road and Bayhill Drive in Liberty Township will turn up some answers.

Tony and Carla Luzio said they think every day about where their son could be. Carla Luzio said she wonders, “What if he drove aimlessly, and he is somewhere where they didn’t search the water.”

Tony Luzio, Jr. disappeared in 2005 after leaving a friend’s house on Bayhill Drive. Nearly nine years later and another search effort is underway with a focus on the water.

Luzio’s father said, “We’ll be driving down the road, and there is a pond and you wonder if they searched that pond.”

While investigators searched the Scioto River multiple times for any sign of Tony Luzio or his vehicle, only some ponds were searched.

Now investigators are planning to focus on residential ponds throughout Powell and Liberty Township.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office recently sent a letter to more than 250 property owners, requesting permission to search. In the letter, the detective explains that the office is planning to search next month using small boats and/or miniature remote controlled boats that will use sonar technology to map the underwater landscape. “This is the first time it's really been a joint effort and everyone is on the same page in this investigation,” Luzio Sr. said.

The Luzios said they are remaining hopeful that this search will lead to some answers, and possibly, their son.

Carla Luzio said, “If he is in the water and he's passed, I want him back. I want to have a proper burial for him. I want to know where he is.”

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office isn’t releasing the exact dates of the search, other than to say, it will happen next month.

The search was prompted by the creation of a countywide cold case task force last year.