Search Continues For Driver Involved In Fatal Hit & Run


Police are on the lookout for the driver of a damaged pickup truck who struck and killed a woman walking across the street. The name of the victim has not been released.

Anthony Bury drove by the scene just after it happened Friday night, and despite his shock, jumped right into action.
Bury was heading home from work when he noticed something in the road.

"I see in someone's headlights, it's actually a person - what I thought to be an older woman, sprawled out on the ground,” says Bury. "Looks like she had her groceries here, her purse, and her person was more off to the side."

When the female pedestrian was struck by the first vehicle, the force of the impact caused her to land in the left, westbound lane.  That's where she was hit again by another car.  Unlike the first vehicle, the second driver stopped.

Bury describes how that second driver ran back to the body.

"She was now kneeling on the sidewalk, in shock, head in hands, it was a very sad sight,” added Bury.

Bury made a quick U-turn and parked near the body, as he called police for help.

"I just tried to get up behind her just to slow traffic and hopefully prevent anyone else from running over her person. My initial thought getting out of the car was is there any chance this woman is alive, and I went up to her, knelt next to her, and instantly, there was just no way."

Bury says he did not see the pickup truck that struck the female victim first.

"The only thing I'm thinking, someone knew they'd be getting in trouble, wanted to avoid any type of legal action and just ran from the scene. I'm praying for the family, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, really just hoping they can find this person and bring him to justice.”

That second driver who stopped is not being charged. There are no cross walks on that part of Morse Road, so the woman should not have tried to cross here.

But the first driver committed a crime when he drove away. Police are asking anyone with information about that black, Ford pickup truck with front end damage to give them a call at 645-4767.