Schwebel's Says No Health Hazard Following Recall


The Schwebel Baking Company says new tests show there's no health hazard following their voluntary recall.

On Tuesday, the Schwebel Baking Company announced that listeria was found during a routine swabbing of their Youngstown factory.

But late on Wednesday, the company said new tests confirmed no products were affected.

"The Schwebel Baking Company announced today that it has received test results from its independent testing laboratory that the listeria species discovered during internal routine environmental assessment of its Youngstown facility does not present a public health hazard. The report of the independent third party did not show the presence of listeria monocytogenes in the Youngstown facility, the species of listeria that causes severe illness in pregnant women and persons with compromised immune systems.
The Company has no knowledge that any of its products have been impacted by the presence of listeria in its facility and is continuing to work closely with local and federal authorities regarding this issue. The Company expects a further update on restoration of operations of its Youngstown facility later today."

Giant Eagle stores pulled some of the bread off of the shelves after a recall was announced.

The company released the following statement on Tuesday: "As directed by Schwebel, representatives from the manufacturer have removed all potentially affected Schwebel brand products from Giant Eagle, Inc. store shelves across all of our markets. As an added measure of caution, Giant Eagle is removing those varieties of Giant Eagle brand bread that were produced from the Schwebel Youngstown facility from its store shelves."

The products in question can be identified by the code number near the “best by” date on packages. Any number beginning with the letter A is part of the recall.

The Schwebel company says it will honor any bread returns. They suggest that if you have the A-code bread before yesterday's date that it be brought back.

Listeria can cause serious illness and even death for sensitive groups, such as children, the frail and the elderly. Healthy people may suffer flu-like symptoms, such as high fever, headache, nausea and diarrhea. It can cause miscarriage and stillbirth for pregnant women.

For more information about the recall, call 1-800-860-2867 or visit Here's a list of Giant Eagle Products made in Youngstown.