Schools Reopen After Exotic Animal Scare


Students returned to class on Thursday after the search for nearby escaped exotic animals came to an end.

Maysville Local School District canceled school on Wednesday after over 50 exotic and potentially dangerous animals escaped from a Zanesville animal farm, 10TV's Shayla Reaves reported.

"It's good to be back, they're all kind of excited," said Kelly Kelly, who dropped her daughter and son off at school this morning.

Schools were closed after Superintendent Monte Bainter said he was contacted by authorities who recommended the district close schools, Reaves reported.

"The kids were bouncing off the wall yesterday, no school," said Kelly. "I don't think a lot of kids recognized the seriousness of no schools."

Kelly said she agreed with Bainter's decision.

"The kids have to get out and ride the school bus, you didn't know where the animals were," said Kelly.

Bainter said he is encouraging an open dialogue about the escaped animals between teachers and students, Reaves reported.

"We want to be sensitive as kids ask questions," said Bainter. "Especially with our younger kids because they're seeing so any graphic pictures being shown around."

Bainter said Wednesday's closure would count as one of the district's calamity days, Reaves reported.

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