Schools Debate 'Halloween Celebrations' Versus 'Fall Festivals'

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A Bexley Elementary School will consider whether to replace a long standing Halloween celebration with a Fall Festival.

Maryland Elementary would replace its traditional costume parade and party with a "Fall Fest" in November.

The change would not be district wide, Bexley's other two elementary schools will continue to celebrate Halloween.

Some parents say the decade’s long tradition is something they want to share with their children

"I remember walking around the school in South Bexley with my mom and dad sitting there waving at us,” said Sarah O’Nam. “This is my daughter's first year in Kindergarten and she is not going to have that opportunity."

The school district says some of the costumes are too scary for the younger children and that the celebration violates some of its students' religious beliefs.

Adding about 10 percent of families keep their children home on Halloween or request that their children stay away from the parties.

While everyone is talking about this possible change, not everyone is against having a festival.

"My biggest thing is I don't want it in November. I'd rather keep it around the same time frame as Halloween,” said Amy Brown.

"To me Halloween is just another day,” added Rita Lucas.