School Bus Crashes Into Pike County Home

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Brenda Beattie of Piketon says a one-lane bridge near their home has been an accident waiting to happen.

Tuesday, her prediction came true when a school bus crashed into part of their home on Jasper Road. It also damaged the family pick-up truck.

Beattie said, at first, she thought it was a thunderstorm, but soon found out it was a different kind of rumble.

"Thankfully she hit the truck because it kind of helped stop her because we had propane tanks right next to it. The truck is completely totaled it was rammed into the house," said Beattie

The Pike County sheriff's office said the Piketon local school bus had no kids onboard when the driver and a Jeep Cherokee tried to cross the one-lane bridge at the same time.

Beattie told 10TV she has lived along the road for 20 years, but said over the last several years, the bridge was turned into one lane. It makes passing dangerous, she said.

She told 10TV that everyday school buses share that one-lane bridge with both cars and lumber trucks. Beattie said that it’s time for officials to do something to make the bridge safer.

"Don't wait until we have a catastrophe because it could have been a catastrophe today. If there had been children, there's no doubt in my mind, if there had been children on the bus, we would have had some children getting hurt" said Beattie.

We're told the Jeep's driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and is expected to be cited.

At the time of this writing, the Pike County Board could not be reached for comment.