School To Be Cleaned After Fungal Outbreak Makes Teacher Sick

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Environmental service crews will spend this weekend cleaning a central Ohio elementary school of a fungal outbreak that made at least one teacher sick.

It's taking place at Darby Woods Elementary School on Westwoods Boulevard in Galloway.

A teacher made the discovery after becoming sick from being exposed to a musty smell in her classroom.

Students were relocated to the school's media center, while environmental crews were called in to investigate.

They found moisture along a wall, damage to the carpeting and cabinetry, and evidence of fungal growth.

Ed Schoonover said his fourth grade son suffers from asthma.

"Carpeting is a big issue we had, just the smell and the stains," Schoonover said.

He said he's long-suspected something in the building might be aggravating his son's condition.

"Yeah, it does. I mean, like I said, we've known it's kind of been an issue, but it's just kind of came, I guess, to a peak now," said Schoonover.

This weekend, district officials say crews will remove the cabinets in the affected classroom, clean the carpet and any growth on the wall, and seal the brick.

Southwestern City Schools said the air quality inside the building is within industry standards and comparable to what children would encounter outdoors in Ohio.

Sopheat Ring said she's concerned she hasn't been notified of the problem but is going to watch her son more closely now for symptoms.

"But he hasn't come home with any allergy problems, not that I've seen anyways," Ring said.

District officials said the affected students should be able to move back to their regular classroom on Monday.

"I would hope that they take care of it, because if it got any worse, a lot of kids can get sick from it," said Ring. "I feel bad for the teachers and cleaning people who are there all the time."

District officials told 10TV, they received the recommendations from the environmental services company Thursday evening.

They said they are sending letters home to parents on Friday informing them of the situation, and how they are resolving the problem.