'Scarlet-Out' Or 'Pink-Out' - Fans May Wear Both

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Two different portions of the Ohio State University sent out notices to people going to the game. One says dress in scarlet, and the other says to wear pink.

Both Ohio State University organizations are trying to promote good things, school spirit and breast cancer awareness.

It just looks like there was a lapse in communication.

The athletic department urged students to "wear Scarlet for a cool stadium effect."

A group promoting breast cancer awareness told students to make the stadium a "pink out."

The group tells 10TV that they have been working with the school to lock in this date for their "pink out."

It's a minor mishap, but coach Urban Meyer's wife may have tweeted a solution for everyone.

Her Tweet read, "Have been asked to clarify PSU game attire. It is a SCARLET OUT w/ PINK "flair". Wear your SCARLET and "accessorize" w PINK! Hats, scarves"

The Ohio State Athletics Information Office told 10TV that "people can wear whatever they want, scarlet or pink."