Scammers Threaten Central Ohioans With Arrest If They Don’t Pay

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Johanna Marshall wasn't about to lose her hard-earned money which is why she turned the tables on the person pretending to be a law enforcement officer.

After the incident, Marshall turned to her Facebook page to let others know what happened.

"I got a good laugh today. A scam artist called telling me I'm under investigation,” she posted.

Marshall knew that wasn't true but was concerned because the caller knew an awful lot about her.

"He had my social security number. He read my social security number off.  He told me where I worked, everything,” she said.

She played along and asked him to send paperwork. She then asked to speak to a supervisor.  Then, she decided she'd had enough.

Marshall says she started cursing him, and he did the same back at her.

"’Don't you call my phone no more, don't you call my phone.’  I said ‘I'm going to call your phone until I get tired.’  I said ‘I want you to feel how I feel to be harassed and scammed.’  I said, ‘So I'm going to call you until I get tired and you're going get tired of answering that phone’ and he just hung up again.”

Consumer 10 found dozens of complaints posted on the internet over the past year about calls from the phone number 407-504-4095.

Victims claim the caller said they had to resolve a fabricated crime or debt by making an immediate payment using a prepaid card or face arrest. Some victims sent more than $1,000 before learning it was a scam.

10TV asked Marshall to call the number back one more time. A machine asked her to leave a voice message.

She did not but did hear from the scammers one more time. It was a text message that claimed she was being turned over to authorities. She had another message for them.

"Basically, you're not going to get no money from me. It's just that simple.”

The Ohio Attorney General says if you get a call from someone claiming you're going to be arrested, it's likely a scam.  When in doubt, hang up, and contact your local law enforcement agency for help.