Salt Supplies Running Low For Some Local Communities

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“Extremely low.”

That's how one local supervisor describes the salt supply.

In New Albany, officials say they're not only banking on two separate shipments of 500 tons of salt to arrive this week - they're ordering a final 500 ton shipment now.

Maintenance supervisor Brian Strayer is also hearing from some area communities who have totally run out.

"We try to help out as many communities as possible. I've had three people from different communities call asking.  'We've been cut off by our supplier. Can you help us out?' I've had to turn two of them away. I was able to help one of them," explained Strayer.

Gahanna is one of the communities that say their salt supply is scraping bottom. The city has used 2,300 tons this season and awaits a 450 ton delivery.

An ODOT barn in the west side of Columbus looks nearly cleared, although they got a small replenishment on Monday.

Genoa Township told 10TV that it is also running on empty.

"Every time we see an inch, to an inch and a half, we blow through probably 50-60 tons of salt," explained Rick Carfagna, Genoa Township Trustee.

The salt is being used sparingly in Whitehall and Grandview due to the shortages.

Upper Arlington crews have already almost equaled last year’s entire total.

Two communities that reported to 10TV that they are in good shape: Hilliard and Reynoldsburg.

Meanwhile, places like New Albany are still waiting.

"Typically we could get a delivery within two or three, maybe four 4 days. Supplier told me at minimum - seven (days)," added Strayer.