Salt Supplies Continue To Shrink In Area Communities


Communities across central Ohio are no doubt going to be keeping a close eye on the weekend forecast.

More snow could eat away at some already small salt supplies.

"We're out there,” said Logan Mayor Martin Irvine. “Our crews are working overtime and plowing the streets and putting the salt out.”

But those salt supplies are shrinking.

Irvine says the city of Logan is down to about 110 tons.

If crews salted every street, officials say that amount would get them through about three more rounds of snow.

They say they are going to have to be frugal.

"It's been a real challenge for us this year,” Irvine said. “But it's not unique to the city of Logan."

He is right. The county also is running low according to county engineer Bill Shaw.

Shaw says the Hocking County salt barn is down to about 600 tons, and he is not expecting any more.

Shaw says the county has spent about $326,000 so far this winter on snow removal.

He says that is about double what they would spend in a typical winter.

Because of that, Shaw says the county will likely have to scrap some plans for summer projects such as bridge repair and street paving.

It's a move the city of Logan might have to make too.

City officials say the harsh winter is something they did not want on top of an already tight budget.

"Something we didn't want but something we're going to deal with,” Irvine said.

Just like the rest of central Ohio.