Sales Rep Speaks Out After ‘Pushy Solicitor’ Complaints

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A Southwestern Advantage sales representative spoke to 10TV after residents in three central Ohio cities reported a "pushy solicitor" knocking on doors.

There were complaints in Baltimore, Pataskala and Sunbury.

Amber Lee Thieleman admitted she spent four days working in Sunbury, but said she is not sure if she was the source of the complaints.

A company representative said there are multiple Southwestern Advantage sales representatives in central Ohio for the summer.

Thieleman said she is a Texas A & M University student in Ohio for an internship with the educational material sales company.

Thieleman said she and other representatives are trained not to be pushy.

"In training, they tell us, they teach us to recognize the signs when people aren't interested, when they're busy, OK cool, thanks so much, have a great day, and we'll find the next person who will be interested. I mean, we're not trying to waste their time or our time," Thieleman said. "I'm so sorry if I came off the wrong way, and I definitely didn't mean to step on anybody's toes or alarm anyone.”

Thieleman said there are sales reps just like her all over Ohio and across the country.

"We're all just good kids working hard just trying to pay for college,” she said.

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