Ross County Man Sentenced To 30 Years To Life For Child Sex Crimes


He went from trusted neighbor to sexual predator. Now, an admitted child rapist has learned his fate.

William Noble pleaded guilty to victimizing four Ross County girls, and countless others through online child pornography.

Prosecutors call him a danger to society, and Thursday a judge agreed.

The William Noble neighbors knew was a kind, gentle man, a gifted photographer who captured nature's beauty with his lens.

The man they know today is a predator who turned his camera and his desires on their children.

"The offenses committed by this defendant are horrific almost beyond description,” said Ross County Prosecutor Matthew Schmidt. “And I don't think there's any way to overstate the seriousness of what this person has done."

Noble was arrested at his Chillicothe home last February on child pornography charges.

Further investigation revealed he raped a now-6 year old girl.

"To make matters worse, he videotaped himself doing so," said Schmidt.
Neighbors and friends came to learn he had also targeted their children.

"The Defendant used a hidden video camera in a bathroom to capture photographs of them bathing and drying off," said Schmidt.

"You were well-liked by so many people, Bill,” said the mother of one of his victims. “Now we all feel used and sick to have known you."

Noble sat silent as she described the impact of his actions.

"My daughter feels dirty and scared that other people have seen these pictures and video that you did of her.”

She says he invaded the privacy and innocence of children, recording up their dresses as they played in trees, and capturing compromising moments as they swam in the pool.

"I've wondered if the thrill of abusing these children is worth the pain that you've caused everyone that loved you."

In his defense, Noble uttered only four words:

"Just that I'm sorry," he said quietly.

The judge sentenced him to 30 years to life, on top of 7 years he's already serving on child pornography charges.

Noble will be 86 years old before his first chance of release.

Judge Michael Ater said if Noble lives to see that day, he hopes he's too frail to push the button on a camera to take another photo of anyone, let alone a child.