Ross County Family Victims Of Burglaries, Arson

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A Ross county family said they have been the victims of multiple burglaries, arson and other crimes. They said they are fed up of living in fear.

"It was quiet, nobody bothered anything and within the past eight months things have happened,” said Rich Halfhill.

Halfhill said that over the summer someone has tried a couple of times to break into a barn on the property. He said after they could not get it, they came back and set the barn on fire.

Now, Halfhill said someone broke into his garage last week.

"There is the door that they beat the hardware off of to get in and that's how they got into the garage,” he explained.

Rich, and his wife Marlene, are worried that whoever is doing this may get bold and try to come into the house.

"The crime doesn't just stop when they take your belongings,” said Marlene Halfhill.

The fire cost the family $80,000, but it is not just about the material things.

Marlene said her father built the barn when she was just a child and there were a lot of sentimental items inside.

"My father built the barn," said Marlene, before starting to cry.

"I think that is the biggest thing. The memories like that when she was younger,” finished Rich.

The Ross County Sherriff’s Office said it is investigating but will not comment on what they have found.

"Someone out there knows who did it. They have heard something, and I would really appreciate it if, even if it’s something little, if they would call Crimestoppers,” said Marlene.

She hopes that it could put an end to a string of crimes that they said have stolen their peace.

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